Keynote: Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman is a settler scholar who lives in Hamilton and teaches at McMaster University. His research and writing address Canadian Literature, the literary and cultural prod9781928088288_cover1_alu_fullcoveruction of categories of privilege such as whiteness, masculinity, and Britishness, the literatures of Indigeneity and diaspora, and the spiritual and cultural politics of reading. He has published Masculine Migrations (U Toronto P, 1998), The Scent of Eucalyptus (Goose Lane Editions, 2003), White Civility (U Toronto P, 2006) and In Bed With the Word (U Alberta P, 2009). He has co-edited ten scholarly volumes on various issues including early Canadian culture, Caribbean Canadian writing, masculinities, postcoloniality, race, the retooling of the humanities, and cultural displacement. He is co-director, with his colleague Dr. Lorraine York, of McMaster’s Centre for Community-Engaged Narrative Arts. His book, Yardwork: A Biography for an Urban Place, is forthcoming from Wolsak & Wynn publishers in Spring 2017. This creative non-fiction work traces his effort to learn to read the multi-layered story of the exact land on which he lives in Hamilton, Ontario.


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